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Giving Back To The Ubuntu Gnome Community


I have been a proud user of Ubuntu since 2007 and have used it religiously as my primary Operating System since 2009. Since its humble beginnings in 2004, Ubuntu has quickly grew to become one of the most popular Linux Distributions on earth. It has become so popular that over a thousand “forked” distributions have been created and maintained. I was thrilled with the formation of the Ubuntu GNOME community which announced a version of Ubuntu that utilizes the Gnome Shell rather than Unity. I started using it in October of 2012 and have not looked back since. For the past 2 years, I have been a long time lurker on the Ubuntu GNOME mailing Lists and IRC but as of November 2014, I have decided to step up and fill a much needed vacancy within the community as the Lead of Marketing and Communications.

This is an important role that helps to increase the adoption rate of Ubuntu GNOME and allow it to thrive as one of the most popular official Ubuntu Forks. As of this writing, there are over a thousand Ubuntu based distributions however there are only a small handful of Official Ubuntu variants, Ubuntu GNOME being one of them.

As the Lead of Marketing and Communications, I will hold several roles including;

  • Managing website content
  • Managing the various Ubuntu GNOME Social Networking Sites
  • Helping with general communications aimed at the user base via our various mailing lists and social media channels
  • Helping to recruit more volunteers to help with various tasks
  • And many others

While you are here, you may want to take a few moments to follow the various Ubuntu Gnome Social Media Accounts, I have placed the links below.

Network Profile
Google Plus +UbuntuGNOMEorg
Twitter @ubuntu_gnome
Facebook UbuntuGNOME
Mailing List Ubuntu-GNOME

If you wish, you may also follow my personal Social Media Profiles by visiting this page – Social Media Contacts.