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Update : T-Mobile 512 GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Experiencing Major Shipping Delays


I published a notice last week that T-Mobile is suffering from severe delays with the 512 GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9. These devices were expected to ship on August 24th but the shipment date has long gone. I reported that the delays could delay pre-order shipment dates to the last half of September. I checked my credit card account about an hour ago and saw that T-Mobile charged me for the pre-order which T-Mobile does not normally do until the phone ships. Sure enough, I checked T-Mobile’s website and sew that that the shipment date has been updated to “September 4th – September 6th”. I pre-ordered mine early so it is hard to tell if all pre-orders are shipping this week. If you also pre-ordered a 512 GB Note 9, you may want to check your credit card statement online to see if the charge is pending.