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Tech Pet Peeves


My life is centered around technology and I like to stay current with the latest offerings. I read hundreds of articles, reviews and websites every week to gorge myself on the latest news that is circulating the internet and have come across several things that bug me. Here is a list of my top tech pet peeves:

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Memory vs Storage

I love reading several Android Review websites and I always get angry when I see the terms Memory and Storage being used interchangeably. The word “Memory” is often used to describe volatile temporary storage that is lost when the device looses power such as computer RAM where “Storage” is used to describe semi-permanent storage that keeps its state when power is lost such; as a computer SSD, Floppy Disk, SD Card, CD ROM or Hard Disk. Here is a table taken from a real Android review website;

LG G3 Specifications

  • Display – 1440×2560
  • RAM – 3 GB
  • Memory – 32 GB
  • CPU – Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 @ 2.5 GHZ
LG G3 Specifications

  • Display – 1440×2560
  • RAM – 3 GB
  • Storage – 32 GB
  • CPU – Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 @ 2.5 GHZ

See how annoying this is? STOP IT!

Biased Websites posing as General Websites

I have no problems with with websites like AndroidHeadlines, AndroidPolice, Crackberry or even AppleInsider as they clearly don’t hide the fact that there will be some biased reviews as they are websites focused on a certain platform. There are several General Tech Review siteslike Engadget, TechCrunch, ArsTechnica and a few others do a great job of creating impartial product reviews without showing any bias to another completing platform.

And then there is TheVerge, which claims to be a General Tech Website like Engadget but unlike Engadget, The Verge is incredibly biased to Apple Products in particular. The Verge demonstrates this biased attitude in the following ways;

  • Comparing all phones to the iPhone
  • Comparing all features on phones with features in iOS
  • Comparing all laptops with the Mac Book Pro
  • Comparing all Ultra Books to the Mac Book Air
  • Referencing features in iOS with unrelated features in the product they are reviewing
  • Bashing features on non-Apple products while giving Apple a standing ovation when Apple releases the same feature a year later.

A few examples are in the articles below:


Not All Tablets are iPads

I hate it when I am at an event using my Nexus 9 and someone walks up to me to ask me about my iPad, not all tablets are iPads! In fact, I would argue that most tablets are in fact non-Apple produced. Android and Windows Tablets have both surpassed iPads in market share.

Listening to Jony Ive

I have never seen anyone embellish a statement with more buzz words then Apple’s own Jony Ive. Here is one example

No, I am NOT Using Apple Pay

I have been a heavy user of Google Wallet for several years and ever since Apple Pay was announced a few months ago, whenever I use my phone for a NFC transaction there is always someone who asks me if I am using Apple Pay. First: this started happening the day Apple Pay was announced, which was months before it was released to the public. Second: I do not see how it is possible to confuse my Sony Z Ultra GPE with an Apple phone as it is almost the size of an iPad Mini. Apple is not the only NFC payment system on the market, in fact it is actually the newest.