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ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket R77-12257.0 Released


If you are a user of ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket 1 or 2 ultra-portable computers; you should start seeing a new update rolling out. This update is version R77-12257.0 and contains a few minor stability improvements for both the GPD 1 and GPD 2 devices. This is the first of the promised weekly updates of ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket. Here is a list of the changes;

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R77-12257.0 Changes

GPD Pocket 1

  • Minor stability updates
  • Battery Life Improvements (removing a few unnecessary services)

GPD Pocket 2

  • Video Out over USB-C is now fully supported – this has been tested with both a USB-C Generic HUB and a USB-C Dongle
  • Battery Life Improvements (removing a few unnecessary services)
  • Minor Stability changes to allow ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket 2 to be installed to a MicroSD card

Users who already have an older version of ChromiumOS for the GPD pocket will automatically be upgraded to this release over the next few days. You can force an upgrade by selecting “About ChromiumOS” in the settings and clicking on “Check for Updates”. The upgrade package is around 400 MB, you will be prompted to reboot your GPD once the upgrade has been completed.

If you want to install this on your GPD Pocket 1 or GPD Pocket 2, please visit the project pages below.