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Life Hack : How To Watch the 2018 Apple WWDC Early


If you are one of the many who are flocking to the nearest device with a high speed internet connection to be the first to watch the Live Stream of Apple’s WWDC 2018 Conference – there is a way to watch a pre-recorded version of it that Apple keeps secret. This link is only known to a small number of Apple Insiders and the Press so please only share it with those you trust. Here are the steps to find it:

First, you need to go to YouTube and search for “Google I/0 2016 Keynote”. This is the pre-recorded keynote that will showcase all of the features you will be getting over the next few releases of iOS/WatchOS/tvOS. You will need to replace every mention of the word “Android” to “Apple” for this to work properly. Here is the video if you do not want to search for it:

If you want to skip ahead to the WWDC 2019, you can watch the pre-recorded “Google I/O 2017 Keynote” and replace all of the references for “Android” to “Apple”. Again, there is the link.

And yes, you can even skip ahead to the WWDC 2020 by searching “Google I/O Keynote 2018” if you really cant wait. Here is the link.