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(EXPIRED) Deal Alert : Get $100.00 In Gift Cards for Free with MileUp!


This deal alert has expired and is no longer available

If you are a driver in the United States who wishes to get 80,000 MileUp Points which can be cashed out for $100 in eGift Cards for retailers such as Amazon, Apple iTunes, Game Stop, Walmart and Target – follow these steps to claim yours for free. The entire process takes about 10 minutes and is completely free (no credit card required). You are more than welcome to share this link with anyone that you know who shops at these retailers.

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Step 1 : Install the MileUp App

The MileUp Application is an application from Agero that gathers statistics on users driving to help them better understand typical drivers. It is a free application that awards you points for each mile you drive.

Install MileUp for Android or iOS by entering this URL in your phone’s mobile browser –

Launch the application and complete the signup process.The signup process is very simple so you can get going in about 2 minutes.

Step 2 : Obtain your C.L.U.E® Report

Note : The next steps should be done on a Desktop Computer – not a mobile device

Your next step involves getting your C.L.U.E® Report (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) from Lexis-Nexus. This is similar to your Credit Report however it does not contain any financial information about you – rather your insurance claim history. This process should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Follow the steps located at to get your report and ensure you save a copy of the report as a PDF in a easy to find location

Step 3 : Upload your C.L.U.E Report

Once you have the PDF of your C.L.U.E Report – return to and select the option to upload your report. You will need to log in using the same phone number you provided in Step 1. It will take a few hours to process

Step 4 : Drive 100-150 Miles

In order to be eligible for payouts through MileUp – you will need to drive about 100 – 150 miles over the period of a few days. This can be done in several small trips to work or a large road trip. Once you have hit the 100 miles, you should have a bit over 80,000 points in your MileUp application

Step 5 : Redeem Your Points

Redeem your points in as little as $5.00 increments (4,000 Mile Up Points). The highest denomination is $25.00 so you will need to make a minimum of 4 withdraws which can all be done at the same time. You will be emailed the eGift Card Codes within 1-72 hours and you can redeem them instantly. You can spread out the gift cards in whichever way you see fit – even for multiple retailers.

Step 6 : Share This Page

Pass along this page to anyone you feel may benefit from these gift cards.


Q) Is this “One Per Household”?

A) No – It is per MileUp Account Holder with an active Drivers License

Q) Does it matter if my report is bad?

A) No – the points are awarded on all valid submissions – it does not matter how bad or good your report is. A person with a 30 page report will make the same 80,000 points as someone who submits a valid blank report.

Q) Why do I need to give my Social Security Number?

A) LexisNexus uses your social security number to look up your insurance history. This DOES NOT do a pull on your Credit Report.

It is important to read all the fine print on any site you use to understand how the data will be used.