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ChromiumOS for the GPD Pocket R84-13054.0 Released – Major Update


Attention all ChromiumOS for GPD Pocket Users. There is a new update that is currently rolling out. This update has been in the works for a few months and brings countless new features to GPD Pocket Owners. I have been running this build on my personal devices for a few weeks and am very happy with the stability and performance of this new build.

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On a bad note, this build does require a re-install of ChromiumOS on the GPD Pocket.

R84-13054.0 Changes

GPD Pocket 1 and 2

  • AUTOMATIC Screen Rotation – No need to rotate your GPD pocket to perform the initial setup. This rotation extends to the TTY Terminals, Boot Screen and Grub Bootloader. Thanks to the hard work from Hans De Goede for his hard work with this.
  • Updated Installer to simplify the setup as you no longer need to specify the “dst”
  • Debian 10 default on Crostini
  • Sound, WiFi and Bluetooth all work out of the box
  • Video Out over Type C on the GPD Pocket 2

If you want to install this on your GPD Pocket 1 orGPD Pocket 2, please visit the following page for downloads and instructions