Getting The Atom Text Editor To Work On ChromeOS

The Atom Text editor has been growing in popularity since it launched a few years ago. Fortunately it is incredibly easy to get the Atom Text Editor to install on ChromeOS via Project Crostini. Here are the steps:

Lets start by accessing your Terminal via the “Terminal” application or Gnome Terminal to get into your virtual machine. Once you have the terminal open, simply run the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gconf2 gvfs-bin git wget curl
wget -O atom.deb
sudo dpkg -i atom.deb
sudo apt-get install -f
rm atom.deb

Thats all you need to do, You can now launch the Atom Editor by either typing “atom” in the terminal or by clicking on the Atom icon in your ChromeOS Launcher.

Happy Coding!

6 thoughts on “Getting The Atom Text Editor To Work On ChromeOS”

  1. Hello, I wanted to inquire if there were further instructions on how to install Atom? I open crosh but none-of the commands work. Thank you in advance for you attention to this request.

    • You would need to do the commands at the Linux Terminal, not in crosh. This will only work on 86_64 Chromebooks with “Linux BETA” (aka Crostini) on it.

  2. i have atom installed and running on acer chromebook. how do i install the platformIO dependencies, it just hangs up

    • I wish I could be of more assistance with this one but I have never used platformIO. Depending on the Chromebook, the installation may take some time. What Chromebook are you running?

  3. Hello, I have linux and atom installed on my chromebook, however, the packages in atom will not run despite being installed. Would you know the reason for this and what to do about it? Thanks!


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