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Chrome OS’s upcoming “Better Together” feature may be a Google Pixel Exclusive Feature (for now)


Google has been working hard on a feature called “Better Together” which was designed to allow for deep integration between Android Phones and Chrome OS. Thanks to the latest build of Chrome OS to hit the developer channel, we now have a better picture on what the setup process will look like and it is not looking good for non-Pixel Phone owners.

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Please take this with a grain of salt as there is a chance that the device names may simply be placeholders however Google has been known to introduce Pixel-exclusive features in the past (instant tethering).

After updating my Pixelbook to Chrome OS 69.0.3473.0 (Official Build) dev (64-bit), I enabled the “multidevice” flags in chrome://flags to see what work has been done on it since my last post on 69.0.3464.0 and there are a few noticeable changes that show that Google is hard at work. We now have an early look of what the setup process may look like.

Sadly it only lists the Google Pixel and Pixel XL on the setup screen. Sadly the wizard does not actually do anything yet but hopefully these devices are simply placeholders and not an indication that a Google Pixel phone is a requirement.

On a related note, the “Learn More” button now resolves to rather than chrome://foo-bar-multidevice-help-page/