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GPT Spotlight ChefGPT


We have all had those days when we were looking over all the items in our refrigerator and cannot decide what to cook. I can't tell you how many hours of my life I have wasted due to this seemingly simple problem. This is what inspired me to create ChefGPT.

ChefGPT is designed to help you cook things with the items you already have in stock. You just need to send it a list of the items you have in your pantry/refrigerator and let it craft a fantastic recipe for you. If you have any special preferences, styles of food or dietary needs, simply tell the Chef and it will ensure that the recipe it produces meets all of your requirements.

Why stop at a shopping list, ChefGPT can also look at photos of your food and automatically create a recipe based on the photo. You simply snap a photo of your refrigerator, pantry or shopping cart and it will figure out what you have in stock and build its recipes based on that. It will even try to determine the amount of each ingredient based on the photo. It works like magic.

ChefGPT can help with other tasks in the kitchen as well. If you have a recipe that feeds 8 and you only need to feed 2, let ChefGPT do all of the conversions for you. Just send it a screenshot of the recipe. It will also help to refactor the recipe to meet your dietary needs while making an attempt to ensure that the finished product tastes like the original. This is excellent for people who want to take a traditional recipe and make it vegan or for those with medical conditions that dont allow them to eat certain foods. 

Lastly ChefGPT has one other trick under his chefs hat, You can send it a photo of your favorite dish at a restaurant or from social media and ChefGPT will do its best to create a recipe to help you replicate that dish. 

If you use ChatGPT Plus, you can use ChefGPT by clicking here, Bon Appétit!