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T-Mobile 512 GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Experiencing Major Shipping Delays


If you are like me and pre-ordered the 512 GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from T-Mobile (and perhaps other carriers), you will by now know that your device has missed the promised shipment date of August 24th. On August 23rd, I got a vague text message from T-Mobile saying that the shipment of my Note 9 has been delayed with no expected shipment date on the message. I reached out to T-Mobile via Twitter and found out some terrible news – the shipments have been delayed by several weeks. If you ordered a 512 GB Galaxy Note 9, here is likely what you can expect – you are likely not going to be thrilled with the news below.

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Note – This blog post is specifically geared to T-Mobile Customers. I am not affiliated with T-Mobile in any way except for a customer (and a bit of a fanboy). It is likely that other carriers are having similar issues.


Device pre-orders will be filled in the order that you placed your initial order with T-Mobile. According to information I have been able to dig up, devices *should* ship between September 19th and September 26th – it is possible it could ship sooner for some customers who were the first to place their pre-orders. Customers who made a pre-order will still have their order processed as normal unless they contact T-Mobile to cancel the order. Your credit card will not be charged until your order ships. If you have chosen to trade in your old phone for a bill credit – you will have 30 days from the date that your new phone arrives before you need to have your old phone returned.

Sadly this puts us in a bad position as we will likely miss out of the free AKG Headphone offer as these are claimed on a first-come-first-serve basis. If anyone remembers how quickly Samsung ran out of inventory with the similar Samsung Galaxy 8/8+AKG Headphones, we will likely not get to take advantage of the new offer as they ran out in a few days. This actually burns a bit as I was really looking forward to this $250 value. O am personally not interested in the Fortnite vbuck offer as I am not someone who plays a lot of games. I wonder if T-Mobile will be doing anything to make it up to the customers who are impacted – T-Mobile is known for making things right to customers.

New Orders

If you were to walk into a T-Mobile Store to purchase the 512 GB Note 9, you will be in for some more bad news as new orders are back-ordered as well. No stores are expected to carry this device so the associate will need to order it. You will also be given an expected ship date between September 19th and September 26th. This is the same date for those who Pre-ordered which leads me to believe that T-Mobile is expecting a fairly large order of Note 9s that will hopefully allow them to clear out the Pre-orders and start shipping new orders.

On a personal note – I cant win with T-Mobile pre-orders however the last issue I had was at no fault to T-Mobile. I pre-ordered my Note 8 and while it was on the Truck for Delivery, UPS decided to recall all of the trucks due to Hurricane Irma minutes before the truck delivered to my house. It took over a week and a half to get my Note 8. I cant really blame T-Mobile for this but I just have the worst luck with pre-orders.