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Keith's Google Plus Archives - 2015

July 2015

Keith I Myers (Jul 9, 2015) - +Adam Outler and +Alan Birstok - Try to make it

Aaron Honeycutt Posted : (Jul 9, 2015)

Hey #Ubuntu Florida LoCo! We are doing an #UbuntuHour on July 18th at 1pm at Mojo Donuts( ) in Hollywood!


Alan Birstok (Jul 9, 2015) - I've put in on the calendar. I'll be there for sure. I actually have some Ubuntu USB drive swags I've been wanting to give away. They are 4 gb sticks from Ubuntu store. I've just been waiting for the right time and reason

Keith I Myers (Jul 9, 2915) - Sweet +Alan Birstok

Keith I Myers (Jul 11, 2015) - I personally like +Sprint​'s simplicity over +T-Mobile​. With +Sprint​, you never need to worry about complicated things like super fast LTE, listening to streaming music or Tethering. Unlike +T-Mobile​, with +Sprint​, you just get access to one of the nation's simpler and slower networks.

+Sprint Posted: (Jul 11, 2015)

T-Mobile makes it confusing. We make it better. AllIn


Justin Powell (Jul 11, 2015) - I just spent the last year of my life upgrading their towers. They are overhauling and they are a bit meticulous with how they want things done, but to what effect that's going to really have in the end, idk.

Wayne May (Jul 11, 2015) - That's when you have a network signal at all...

Chris Sullins (Jul 11, 2015) - I'm curious about Project Fi.

Jason Newman (Jul 11, 2015) - LOL you should send that to Legere :)

Aaron Honeycutt (Jul 11, 2015) - I've heard nothing but horror stories about +Sprint​ 's service, while +T-Mobile​ gives you a lot for their price. I'll be switching in a few months.

Eli Gukovsky (Jul 11, 2015) - Their marketing guys have to had noticed that the "L" in All looks like the "I" in In on sans serif fonts, right? #AllIn looks like Allln (ALLLN), and it took me a good 7 seconds to figure it out.

Keith I Myers (Jul 13, 2015) - This explains why +The Verge turned off comments. This article would have caused thousands of people to post outcry's on how stupid they are.

First Click: Google’s Android chief is wrong about technology's role in the family

Don't blame the technology for your lack of parenting


Vilmar Simson (Ves) (Jul 13, 2015) - I gave up on them a year or two ago. I have managed to evade every story in the last 14 months. I just used search to find a related article on a different website

Greg Szarama (Jul 14, 2015) - +Vilmar Simson​that's exactly what I've done. And I wish people would stop linking to them.

Keith I Myers (Jul 14, 2015) - Remember - Tomorrow is Amazon Prime Day - Major Savings for Amazon Prime Members

Prime Day is a one-day event held on July 15, 2015, where Prime members can find more deals than Black Friday.


Patrik Bubák (Jul 14, 2015) - By purchasing something from Amazon you support one of the worst companies in the world. Take that from a former employee

Keith I Myers (Jul 14, 2015) - Heads Up : Earnest Cline's new book - "Armada: A Novel" was just released today. This is the same author who wrote "Ready Player One" Get it while it is hot.