ChromeOS 86.0.4208.0 Rolling Out to Dev – Crostini USB Support Enhancements

I have not covered many ChromeOS updates for a while but there were some surprises in 86.0.4208.0 that I had to make a post. It looks like the Chromium team quietly enabled support for additional USB device past-through in Crostini.

Upgrading Crostini to Debian Buster (10)

The Chromium team is hard at work with bringing new features to Chromebooks, recently a change was made to set Debian 10 (Buster) as the default operating system for the Crostini “Penguin” container. Unfortunately this change does not upgrade existing installations of from Debian 9 (Stretch) to Debian 10. You are in luck though as … Read more

ChromeOS 77.0.3849.0 Fixes Android Application Connectivity Issues and Restores Crostini Backups by Default

If you are on the ChromeOS dev channel, you may have noticed that network connectivity has been hit and miss over the past few weeks and if so, you may want to start mashing your check for updates button now to update to ChromeOS 77.0.3849.0 while reading this post. I am still working my way … Read more

ChromeOS 76.0.3789.0 Rolling out to the Dev Channel – Adds Crostini GPU Flag

The Chrome team has just released the first Developer Build of ChomeOS 76 and it brings at least one welcomed change that eliminates the need to manually enable GPU support on Crostini. I am currently doing a teardown of the build to try to spot other changes and will update this post accordingly.

Introducing the ChromeOS Crostini Machine Learning Setup Script

Over the past month, I have been researching Machine Learning and the insane amount of future possibilities that will result in the breakthroughs being made today. Projects like Keras and Tensorflow are pushing the boundaries on what computers are capable of and enabling just about anyone without a multi-million dollar server cluster to get into … Read more

ChromeOS 75.0.3770.10 Rolling out to the Dev Channel – Enables VPN Support in Crostini and other Fixes

Google is currently pushing ChromeOS 75.0.3770.10 to users on the Dev channel. Software developers and Road Warriors all over will start to rejoice when they hear that Crostini containers will finally route connections through a VPN if active on your Chromebook.

ChromeOS Crostini Machine Learning Setup

Thank You for using the ChromeOS Crostini Machine Learning Setup Script to setup your device for Machine Learning. We live in a age where Machine Learning will be deeply integrated into just about all future software projects. I honestly cannot wait to hear about what you create with these tools. Please feel free to drop … Read more

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