When I was young….

Before I begin this post, let me preface it with the fact that I am not really that old. A lot has changed in the past 20 years, here is a list of a few of my favorites.

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RANT : HD Video Tax

I can often be called an early adopter of new technology and was thrilled to give up my DVDs and VHS tapes for the simplicity of purchasing my content on streaming media services such as Google Play Movies or (Affiliate Link)Amazon Instant Video. You simply cannot beat the selection offered by these services and you don’t ever need run into issues with the movie being sold out or scratched DVDs. Unlike services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Videos and Google Play Movies allows you to take content offline for use in situations where you do not have access to a high speed connection. It is almost a Utopian solution except for one glaring problem… the Upcharge for HD content. 

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Social First Phones – A History of Failure

Mobile phones of all sorts come and go all the time however there is a specific breed of mobile phones that are just around long enough to allow us to laugh at the 10 people that purchase them at full price only to be sold in a fire-sale a week after. These phones are known as “Social First” phones as they are built to prioritize social networking above other basic smartphone functions. These phones rarely last more then a few weeks on the market before rapidly being discontinued and forgotten about.

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Comments Fixed

A few weeks ago, I was working on optimizing the build of WordPress that powers KMyers.me and in my infinite wisdom, I accidentally broke the WordPress comments system. I am happy to report that this has been fixed. Sorry about that. 

A New Beginning

I have owned http://KMyers.me for a few years ago however I can honestly say that aside from a simple landing page, it was a ghost town that was lacking content. After realizing this a few weeks ago, I decided to jump into action to give the website a much needed overhaul.

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The Ultimate ChromeOS Guide is on sale on The Google Play Store