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usage: build_packages [flags] [packages]

build_packages updates the set of binary packages needed by Chrome OS. It will cross compile all packages that have been updated into the given target’s root and build binary packages as a side-effect. The output packages will be picked up by the build_image script to put together a bootable Chrome OS image.

If [packages] are specified, only build those specific packages (and any dependencies they might need).

For the fastest builds, use –nowithautotest –noworkon.

–board: The board to build packages for. (default: ”)
–[no]usepkg: Use binary packages to bootstrap when possible. (default: true)
–[no]usepkgonly: Only use binary packages to bootstrap; abort if any are missing. (default: false)
–[no]noworkon: Don’t force-build workon packages. (default: false)
–[no]showoutput: Show all output from parallel_emerge. (default: false)
–[no]withautotest: Build autotest client code. (default: true)
–[no]fetchonly: Don’t build anything, instead only fetch what is needed. (default: false)
–[no]unpackonly: Don’t build anything; instead only fetch and unpack what is needed. (default: false)
–[no]withdebugsymbols: Install the debug symbols for all packages (default: false)
–[no]withevents: Generate events during parallel_emerge step (default: false)
–eventfile: Define the file that event logs will be written. (default: ‘/mnt/host/source/src/build/events/20170627.1108..json’)
–board_root: Emerge packages to board_root. (default: ”)
–accept_licenses: Licenses to append to the accept list. (default: ”)
–jobs: How many packages to build in parallel at maximum. (default: -1)
–[no]norebuild: Don’t automatically rebuild dependencies. (default: false)
–[no]skip_chroot_upgrade: Don’t run the chroot upgrade automatically; use with care. (default: false)
–[no]skip_toolchain_update: Don’t update toolchain automatically. (default: false)
–[no]withdev: Build useful developer friendly utilities. (default: true)
–[no]withdebug: Build debug versions of Chromium-OS-specific packages. (default: true)
–[no]withfactory: Build factory installer. (default: true)
–[no]withtest: Build packages required for testing. (default: true)
–[no]chrome_binhost_only: Only fetch packages from the Chrome binhost. (default: false)
–[no]buildretry: Retry failed packages. (default: true)
–[no]reuse_pkgs_from_local_boards: Bootstrap from local packages instead of remote packages. (default: false)
–[no]run_goma: If set to true, (re)starts goma, builds packages, and then stops goma. (default: false)
-h,–[no]help: show this help (default: false)