build_image Tool

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USAGE: build_image [flags] [list of images to build]. This script is used to build a Chromium OS image. Chromium OS comes in many different forms. This scripts can be used to build the following:

base – Pristine Chromium OS image. As similar to Chrome OS as possible.
dev [default] – Developer image. Like base but with additional dev packages.
test – Like dev, but with additional test specific packages and can be easily used for automated testing using scripts like test_that, etc.
factory_install – Install shim for bootstrapping the factory test process. Cannot be built along with any other image.


build_image –board=<board> dev test – builds developer and test images.
build_image –board=<board> factory_install – builds a factory install shim.

Note if you want to build an image with custom size partitions, either consider adding a new disk layout in build_library/legacy_disk_layout.json OR use adjust_part. See the help above but here are a few examples:

adjust_part=’STATE:+1G’ — add one GB to the size the stateful partition
adjust_part=’ROOT-A:-1G’ — remove one GB from the primary rootfs partition
adjust_part=’STATE:=1G’ — make the stateful partition 1 GB

–adjust_part: Adjustments to apply to partition table (LABEL:[+-=]SIZE) e.g. ROOT-A:+1G (default: ”)
–board: The board to build an image for. (default: ”)
–boot_args: Additional boot arguments to pass to the commandline (default: ‘noinitrd’)
–[no]enable_bootcache: Default all bootloaders to NOT use boot cache. (default: false)
–[no]enable_rootfs_verification: Default all bootloaders to use kernel-based root fs integrity checking. (default: true)
–output_root: Directory in which to place image result directories (named by version) (default: ‘/mnt/host/source/src/build/images’)
–disk_layout: The disk layout type to use for this image. (default: ‘default’)
–enable_serial: Enable serial port for printks. Example values: ttyS0 (default: ”)
–loglevel: The loglevel to add to the kernel command line. (default: 7)
–builder_path: The build_name to be installed on DUT during hwtest. (default: ”)