This page contains a list of disclaimers regarding KMyers.me that some readers may find important – Please feel free to contact me if there are further concerns or questions.

Opinions Expressed on KMyers.me

The opinions expressed on KMyers.me are mine and mine alone. Unless otherwise stated, I do not speak on behalf of my employer or any organization that I am part of.

Giving Back

I like to support different charities and other worthwhile causes. From time to time, I will solicit donations on this website. Each of these pages will include a description of the organization as well as a link to donate directly to the cause. I do not take donations directly on this site.

End User Responsibility

You are responsible for all actions that you take based on the information you find on this website. I will do my best to research all content posted on this website but it is not wise to blindly follow any instructions on this website without understanding what the steps involve.

From time to time, there will be code snippets and lines that can be ran from a shell. Please pay special attention to lines that contain “sudo” as these could seriously damage your machine if used improperly. This is important on both blog posts and knowledgebase entries.

There will be occasions that this website will publish satirical content. These will always be filed under the “humor” category to ensure that they stand out from other content.

The Use of Affiliate Codes

In the spirit of transparency – some posts such as product reviews, there may be affiliate codes posted to help fund the site. It is important to know that I have personally purchased all of the products that fall into this category and have personally used them. The amount of commission will never have influence on the reviews – If a product is bad, I will make sure that everyone knows.