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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2018-05-03 00:14:01-0400 – Updated: 2018-05-03 00:14:01-0400Heads up to all Pixelbook Owners who have been following my posts about ChromeOS Project Crostini, you will be in for a pleasant surprise if you head into your Settings Menu after updating to ChromeOS 68.0.3416.0 (Currently in the Dev Channel). You will…

“Linux Apps” Appears in ChromeOS Settings Menu and Several Major Changes

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Carlos Sanchez, Joseph Cappellino, Vito Vizziato+1’d by: Joseph Cappellino, Elijah Zu Bailey, Faizul Hadiman, Roberto Mezquia Jr, Dor Kleiman, George Mihailidis, Carl Draper, Anders Nordin, Dominico Hodnett, Christopher Carr, Simon Kämpf, Vito Vizziato, Carlos SanchezCarlos Sanchez – 2018-05-03 00:22:35-0400i have a newfound respect for Google and the direction they’re taking ChromeOSKeith I Myers – 2018-05-03 00:24:45-0400+Carlos Sanchez I agree. There have been many attempts to get Linux machines on the mass consumer market in the past, this one may actually work if extended to more ChromeOS devices. Vito Vizziato – 2018-05-03 00:42:23-0400I’m definitely interested in a Pixel Book so we’ll see if they release a New one soon and what improvements are!Keith I Myers – 2018-05-03 00:49:09-0400+Vito Vizziato The current Pixelbook is definitely a great machine, I have to admit that I regret not getting the 512 GB version after seeing what it is now capable of to future proof it.

I am hoping for a future Chromebook to have a few upgrades – hopefully adding a Fingerprint Reader. My full wishlist was published last week – https://kmyers.me/blog/tech/six-changes-i-would-make-to-improve-the-pixelbook/Dominico Hodnett – 2018-05-03 02:17:20-0400 – Updated: 2018-05-03 02:17:41-0400+Keith I Myers True. With Linux apps incoming and the possibility of dual booting Windows.

How has the Pixel Book treated you so far?Christopher Carr – 2018-05-03 03:18:47-0400 – Updated: 2018-05-03 03:22:24-0400Crostini is very exciting.

I would buy a $600, 14 or 15″, dev-focused, Crostini-enabled Chromebook, tomorrow. I just don’t want it to cost more than my ThinkPad. Sounds like something Dell might build, eh, or maybe Lenovo — a developer-oriented Chromebook, with a solid keyboard, 8GB RAM (16 would be nice). 1080p display would suffice, because in that price range I would rather have the RAM, and scaling issues. Could get by with 128GB SSD, especially at $500. 🙂

Maybe that’s asking a bit much at that price, but wants it. Leave the X1 Carbon at home more often.Keith I Myers – 2018-05-03 10:51:12-0400+john edwards – My Pixelbook tends to turn a few heads and make people drool with envy
ImageKeith I Myers – 2018-05-03 10:58:25-0400+john edwards In all honesty they should kill off the 128 GB, 256 is the minimum. I am kicking myself for not getting the 512 GB version. I may even try to sell this one and get the 512 GB in the near future.
Keith I Myers – 2018-05-03 11:25:22-0400+john edwards – Yes, they appear to be on sale. The 512 GB is on sale right now for $1555 on Amazon – Robot CheckKeith I Myers – 2018-05-03 11:33:38-0400+john edwards damn, she got a bargain.Vito Vizziato – 2018-05-03 12:58:52-0400+john edwards at Best buy you said she got it from?Vito Vizziato – 2018-05-03 12:59:45-0400+Keith I Myers I want to wait until Google IO and later on this year when Google releases its products to see if there is a newer model coming out of the pixel book because I don’t want to get this and then there’s a newer better model with more features and then I’ll kick myself in the ass for not waiting.Keith I Myers – 2018-05-03 13:01:42-0400+Vito Vizziato I honestly dont expect them to launch a new Pixelbook this year, if so the changes may be small (CPU Gen Update)Vito Vizziato – 2018-05-03 13:09:02-0400+john edwards yeah I hear you I mean I’m in no rush so I can wait and even if they don’t release something new then maybe it’ll be cheaper later on down the lineJoseph Cappellino – 2018-05-04 09:39:50-0400I waited until I found a great deal on the 512 (moreso for the i7 and 16GB of RAM). I found someone on eBay selling it, new in box, for $1300 OBO, I offered $1200, they countered $1275. Sold. No tax and free shipping for the same price as yours.

I can’t wait to play with this setting.Joseph Cappellino – 2018-05-04 16:46:32-0400I installed gimp earlier, and the icon showed up in the launcher, but clicking on it, as well as running from the terminal, failed. The terminal said it could not find the display. I’ll try again later and see if there was something I was missing.Keith I Myers – 2018-05-04 16:52:05-0400+Joseph Cappellino – There is a simple solution, just mail me your Pixelbook and I will take good care of it…. Just Kidding, I am actually working on a new blog post right now on how to work with some of the Linux things. The problem you are reporting is pretty common. Just open a shell, stop the VM (vmc stop penguin) and try again.

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