20180411 Some People Say That ChromeOS Is A Limi

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2018-04-11 12:03:38-0400 – Updated: 2018-04-11 12:03:38-0400Some people say that ChromeOS is a limited Operating System but as someone who has been using ChromeOS for a few years now, I have to respectfully disagree. I purchased my Pixelbook to upgrade my previous Chromebook back in February and I have not…

The Ultimate Chromebook/Pixelbook Desk Setup

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Vito Vizziato+1’d by: Marty Ballard, Dor Kleiman, Carlos Miguel Pereira, Chris Sullins, Chara Kelley, Carlos Sanchez, Carl Draper, Vito VizziatoVito Vizziato – 2018-04-11 12:09:25-0400I’m definitely intrigued and I would’ve gotten the Pixel book if it was cheaperKeith I Myers – 2018-04-11 12:15:26-0400+Vito Vizziato The Samsung Chromebook Pro is a good alternative for those who do not want to purchase the PixelbookKeith I Myers – 2018-04-11 16:03:57-0400+john edwards I have not tried that. I don’t know if it is a Display Link dockKeith I Myers – 2018-04-11 16:14:12-0400+john edwards It seems to support DisplayLink in Alt Mode so it should work. It is twice the price of the USB A version so I dont think I will jump on one. I do still have 2 laptops without USB C so it is not a huge deal for me personally. Keith I Myers – 2018-04-11 16:23:12-0400+john edwards – I have a less expensive workaround that gives me the same effect. A USB 3.0 Hub with power passthrough.

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