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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2018-01-27 15:07:04-0500 – Updated: 2018-01-27 15:07:04-0500If you are a Chromebook owner who uses a VPN, you probably noticed that: ChromeOS’s VPN Support Sucks Setting up a OpenVPN Connection on ChromeOS Sucks There are of course countless VPN Solutions on the Google Play Store however if you ever tried to use…

Keith I Myers

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Lauren Weinstein, Matt Coddington+1’d by: Joseph Cappellino, Matt Coddington, Ben Reese, Jesus Suarez, Carlos Sanchez, Dor KleimanLauren Weinstein – 2018-01-27 15:08:12-0500I’d like to read this but your low contrast font is intolerable.Keith I Myers – 2018-01-27 15:10:34-0500+Lauren Weinstein – That is not good. Let me see what I can improve to make it easier for you to read. I also cross posted it on if it is easier to read there[TIP] Using a VPN from the Google Play Store on ChromeOSMatt Coddington – 2018-01-28 08:44:49-0500+Lauren Weinstein​ When I come across sites with poor contrast, I use a Chrome Plugin called Just Read, which strips everything out, and makes the page easier to read!
ImageLauren Weinstein – 2018-01-28 10:55:40-0500+Matt Coddington This is not a solution. I’m uninterested in extensions to fix broken sites. First, they tend to require expansive permissions, that many people (quite understandably) are reluctant to permit. But more to the point, most people will never hear about such extensions, never install extensions, or would never install such an extension in particular in the first place. I’m interested in helping people use sites successfully using the browser defaults that the vast majority of people run, not slapping on bandaids for my own use. Extensions like this only PROLONG the problem by encouraging poor site design to continue, and increasingly when it comes to readability get even worse!Keith I Myers – 2018-01-28 11:05:52-0500I do agree +Lauren Weinstein and am working to make changes the site to try to make it better. I changed my website layout close to 3 years ago and have not had any complaints but I can definitely see your point on how some may have issues reading the content – this seems like a simple fix as I can just make the font color solid black.

Extensions as +Matt Coddington said are useful but I also do agree that I tend to immediately close out websites that are annoying, offensive to the eyes, have background audio or auto-play videos.

I am not opposed to making changes – especially for reasons such as this. Lauren Weinstein – 2018-01-28 11:22:20-0500+Keith I Myers Thanks. In fact, you hit the nail on the head. Most people who have trouble with these sites don’t ever bother to complain. They just go elsewhere and typically never come back!Keith I Myers – 2018-01-28 11:24:37-0500+Lauren Weinstein No, Thank You for stepping up and saying something. Lauren Weinstein – 2018-01-28 11:28:21-0500+Keith I Myers I even have some problems on my own blog. I’ve been able to make the actual post texts very readable in terms of fonts and contrasts, but some of the ancillary elements are tougher because they come from plugins and such that are difficult to modify without routine updates breaking them later.

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