20170213 Its So Pretty…

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2017-02-13 16:30:45-0500 – Updated: 2017-02-13 16:30:45-0500Its so pretty… ImageImageShared with: Public+1’d by: Michael Rickey, Joseph Cappellino, Mark Richards, Tijmen Ennik, Vilmar Simson, Matt Coddington, John F Clemmer, Jason Adams, Fedor von Bock, the derek Fawcett, Vito Vizziato, Eddie Daniels, steph lake, Christopher Rios, Roberto Mezquia Jr, Simon Kämpf, Roney ThomasSimon Kämpf – 2017-02-13 16:48:54-0500Damn. Want one too!!
But I was too late…Alex Minnucci – 2017-02-13 16:51:54-0500You opened the gift you bought for me?!?!? Kata Crea – 2017-02-13 18:15:48-0500I am getting my sport tomorrow and the style Wednesday Eddie Daniels – 2017-02-13 18:19:16-0500 – Updated: 2017-02-13 19:20:52-0500I got mine today also!
Vito Vizziato – 2017-02-13 19:05:29-0500 – Updated: 2017-02-13 19:05:37-0500Be careful someone doesn’t go calling Maryann lol Robert Hamilton – 2017-02-14 00:16:49-0500Nice!

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