20160924 Apple Users Can T Really Be This Dumb.

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2016-09-24 00:31:48-0400 – Updated: 2016-09-24 00:31:48-0400Apple users can’t really be this dumb… Can they?


Shared with: Public+1’d by: Manuel Savino, Chris Radtke, Fedor von BockVito Vizziato – 2016-09-24 01:10:18-0400LolGreg Szarama – 2016-09-24 01:19:30-0400Well they did buy an iPhone so not surprised at their stupidity. Remember when they were microwaving their phones because they thought they would charge. Manuel Savino – 2016-09-24 13:48:24-0400Wow lol

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