20160710 Ok All. +Adam Outler S Birthday Is Comi

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2016-07-10 23:46:35-0400 – Updated: 2016-07-10 23:46:35-0400Ok All. +Adam Outler‘s birthday is coming up soon and I want to 3D print a present for him and am looking for ideas. Anything goes… be creative 🙂

Whatever gets the most upvotes will be printed and gifted as long as it is printable. This even includes a carbon fiber buttplugShared with: Public, Adam Outler+1’d by: Adam OutlerReshared by: Adam OutlerPkmmte Xeleon – 2016-07-10 23:52:22-0400A carbon fiber buttplug.Joseph Hindy – 2016-07-11 01:35:15-0400A 3D printed model of a Windows boot disk. Chris Druif – 2016-07-14 01:40:32-0400A printed replica of his Google Glass 😎

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