20160624 Hey +Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph​, Look W

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2016-06-24 10:11:49-0400 – Updated: 2016-06-24 10:11:49-0400Hey +Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph​, look what I woke up toHey +Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph​, look what I woke up to

Hey +Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph​, look what I woke up to

Shared to the collection Things I Printed – Public+1’d by: Chris Guiver, Kris Kitchen, Carl Draper, Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph, Master DeckerReshared by: Elizabeth Krumbach JosephMaster Decker – 2016-06-24 10:19:22-0400Could have been worse. Could have been an iPhone Laurie DesAutels – 2016-06-24 10:29:12-0400Good comeback +Master DeckerElizabeth Krumbach Joseph – 2016-06-24 11:48:02-0400Awesome!Keith I Myers – 2016-06-24 12:27:16-0400+Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph – How many folks are in your Loco?Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph – 2016-06-24 13:38:14-0400A lot 🙂 but only about a dozen of us are what I’d consider very active. The number who would find value in such a printed item is likely even lower, probably only 4 or so of us.

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