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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2016-04-12 08:51:01-0400 – Updated: 2016-04-12 08:51:01-0400Not an April Fools Day Joke – Keep in mind that this is hardly a debate as she will be “debating” a selection of video clips harvested by various Bill Nye speeches – Bill Nye will not be able to make any rebuttal statements and you can be absolutely sure  that Palin will employ some serious Quote Mining to keep the debate as one-sided as possible.

Of course listening to Sarah Palin speak is painful but tends to pack a lot of comedic value. The scary thing is she was almost the Vice President of the US. 


Sarah Palin Just Made The Dumbest Move Ever: She Signed On To Debate Bill Nye On Climate Change (UPDATED)

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Lee Barber, Joseph caballero+1’d by: Kris Kitchen, Joseph caballero, Tony Maguire, mary lemire, Seth Walters, Joe Quaranta, Ptah Baphomet, Richard Hunt, Christopher Rios, Nikhil MReshared by: waymon darkinsKeith I Myers – 2016-04-12 09:38:11-0400+Dale Husar – I will agree that Biden is pretty useless, something shiny will keep him busy for months. Palin would not only be useless but her regressive ideas would have a slating impact, it would be a threat to secular education. Also if John McCain were to have been met with an unfortunate accident, Palin would become PresidentLee Barber – 2016-04-12 09:47:45-0400what’s the point of this? neither one of them know anything about it…one is a fake “scientist” and the other has gone off the rails.  Besides, the whole topic is a mythKeith I Myers – 2016-04-12 09:49:03-0400+Lee Barber – Bill Nye is not debating Palin, Palin is debating quote-mined video clips of NyeDOUGLAS HOTCHKISS – 2016-04-12 10:06:07-0400She can barely string a sentence togetherLogan Stinnett – 2016-04-12 10:19:56-0400she will just claim “gawd” and the buybull and act like she cant be wrong with that evidence.Keith I Myers – 2016-04-12 10:20:57-0400+April Acciardo – I was thinking of a Satirical News Network like The Onion News Network,Saturday Night Live or The History Channel Keith I Myers – 2016-04-12 10:23:48-0400 – Updated: 2016-04-12 10:24:09-0400True +vstevens11 – It is a bit cruel… like a circus freak showJeff Trask – 2016-04-12 10:32:41-0400Palin put the D in Dumb. William Johnston – 2016-04-12 10:35:43-0400Should be fun to watch  Joseph caballero – 2016-04-12 10:53:32-0400The words of God almighty said, that he will consume everything all things off the face of the earth, Zefaniah 1:1-5, this so called scientists, have forgotten the creator of science. Keith I Myers – 2016-04-12 10:56:47-0400+Joseph caballero – I do not want to turn this threat into a Religious Debate – Quoting religious texts to be is just as good to be as quoting lines from Harry PotterJoseph caballero – 2016-04-12 10:58:58-0400+Keith I Myers but you can not separate one thing from the other. Keith I Myers – 2016-04-12 10:59:36-0400+Joseph caballero – of course you can, and it is quite easyJoseph caballero – 2016-04-12 11:01:25-0400+Keith I Myers how so? How can you separate creation from the creator? Keith I Myers – 2016-04-12 11:03:36-0400+Joseph caballero – I dont want to turn this into a religious debate but I will counter you with this…. with all of the religions that pre-date all current religions with their own incompatible creation stories – which creator are you referring to and what evidence do you have to back up the creation or creator?Joseph caballero – 2016-04-12 11:11:26-0400+Keith I Myers how can you prove that all religions are predated? And the question to you is, what dates your religion of global warming has, who founded, because it is political and religious, it’s that the truth? Keith I Myers – 2016-04-12 11:17:48-0400+Joseph caballero 
how can you prove that all religions are predated? – We have written records from Ancient Greece, Japan, China, Egypt and Rome that do that quite nicely.

And the question to you is, what dates your religion of global warming has – I never claimed it does. My claim is Sarah Palin uses Religion as a blanket answer to anything. Global Warming is a very inaccurate name as Climate Change is more accurate. There is debate as to the extend on how much Humans are changing the Climate but it is a fact the Climate is changing. 

Who founded, because it is political and religious, it’s that the truth? – I would not bring this up as in most counties Politics and Religion play well together and several Monarchs have twisted religions to suit their agenda. Kris Kitchen – 2016-04-13 00:10:20-0400Pro Tip # 575: Bill Ni is a Knight of NIWilliam Johnston – 2016-04-13 10:18:23-0400I’ll pick Palin  she is the smarter of the two  

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