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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2016-02-18 13:34:09-0500 – Updated: 2016-02-18 13:34:09-0500cc +Aaron Honeycutt and +Michael HallOriginally shared by Marc ThomasGot my Pebble Time Steel working with Ubuntu Touch yesterday. Also found a workaround for Google Voice so when I call out it shows my GVoice number instead of carrier number. It’s a bit awkward but I am sure its just a matter of time before someone comes up with a better solution.

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Seriously considering ditching Android and going all in on Ubuntu Touch. In fact, the last several days I’ve left my N6 running Android at home, and have just been bringing my N4 with Ubuntu Touch with me. The hardware is a bit old and slow, and it doesn’t even have LTE radios, but I am thoroughly enjoying it! The Meizu Pro 5 that was just announced is looking pretty interesting right about now.

PRO 5 – Summary – MEIZU

Shared with: Public, Michael Hall, Aaron Honeycutt, Marc Thomas+1’d by: Michael HallMichael Hall – 2016-02-18 14:23:19-0500Fun Fact, the Nexus 4 actually does have an LTE radio, but it’s so unstable that Google disabled it in the firmwareAaron Honeycutt – 2016-02-18 14:24:47-0500I can’t seem to install that App for the PebbleKeith I Myers – 2016-02-18 14:25:18-0500+Michael Hall technically it was half baked (only had band 4). It was disabled as it did not undergo the proper certification to legally jump on the LTE networkMarc Thomas – 2016-02-18 15:00:21-0500+Aaron Honeycutt: Rockwork (the pebble app), didn’t show up in the Ubuntu Store for me. I don’t know if this is the proper way to install non-app store apps, so I apologize if I am disseminating bad information, but I was able to install Rockwork by downloading the click package here: https://open.uappexplorer.com/api/download/rockwork.mzanetti/rockwork.mzanetti_1.0_armhf.click

and then running this command from the terminal.

pkcon –allow-untrusted install-local rockwork.mzanetti_VERSION_armhf.click Aaron Honeycutt – 2016-02-18 15:03:26-0500+Marc Thomas I know it was not in the official store but I did not know about the allow-untrusted option for pkcon

I might do it now.Marc Thomas – 2016-02-18 15:03:47-0500Whoa, I just realized the open store (which I linked) is actually different from the app store pre-installed on Ubuntu touch. I feel like a total idiot now. So you probably want to disregard my last post and down go here instead: https://open.uappexplorer.com/app/rockwork.mzanetti and just hit install.Michael Hall – 2016-02-18 15:21:12-0500+Aaron Honeycutt +Marc Thomas It’s easier to install the Open Store app first, then you can install other apps from that store and get updates to them: https://open.uappexplorer.com/app/openstore.mzanettiAaron Honeycutt – 2016-02-18 15:48:35-0500I installed both but neither show up on my device +Michael Hall Michael Hall – 2016-02-18 16:14:48-0500+Aaron Honeycutt Refresh the apps scope, it doesn’t do that automatically when you install from the commandlineAaron Honeycutt – 2016-02-18 16:15:53-0500refresh it? as in pull it down to refresh? I’ve done that 3 times and even rebooted it.Michael Hall – 2016-02-18 16:51:49-0500+Aaron Honeycutt Hmm, have you tried searching for it? And was the install successful?Aaron Honeycutt – 2016-02-18 16:54:53-0500it gave no errors and yes I have searched.Aaron Honeycutt – 2016-02-18 16:56:26-0500(installed:click,removable=1)

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