20160217 Well, I Was Forced To Publish A Rant Ab

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2016-02-17 16:27:48-0500 – Updated: 2016-02-17 16:27:48-0500Well, I was forced to publish a rant about #TedCruz – It is funny how he can lecture Donald Trump and Marco Rubio on Ethics in light of the crap he has pulled.


RANT: Dear Ted Cruz – A Lesson on Ethics | Keith I Myers

Shared with: Public+1’d by: Andrew Bernstein, Albert Altman, Melina MReshared by: Andrew BernsteinRobert Hamilton – 2016-02-18 09:33:26-0500 – Updated: 2016-02-18 09:37:38-0500Come on USA… you have been electing Americans for years and where has it gotten you?  Time to let a Canadian give it a shot!  (Teddy’s from my home town – Calgary)

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