20151130 Attention All Software Developers, Here

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-11-30 08:58:30-0500 – Updated: 2015-11-30 08:58:30-0500Attention All Software Developers, Here is a tip that will make your day a million times better.

“Ok Google, Play some music I can code to”

Your Welcome!

(You must have Google Play Music installed with a subscription)Shared with: Public, Michael Hall, Lucas Dummitt+1’d by: Manuel Savino, Joseph Cappellino, Lucas Dummitt, Andrew BernsteinMichael Hall – 2015-11-30 09:21:22-0500My wife is giving me funny looks now, so you’re right. 10/10, would purchase again.Keith I Myers – 2015-11-30 09:23:25-0500It could be worse +Michael Hall , you could slip in “Ok Google, play some music I can murder to”Lucas Dummitt – 2015-11-30 11:21:05-0500Any idea if there is a list of working options for the action? “… I can (x) to”Keith I Myers – 2015-11-30 11:22:16-0500+Lucas Dummitt – The list is actually vast and possibly limitless. 

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