20151119 Hey +T Mobile I Have A Quick Question

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-11-19 09:25:53-0500 – Updated: 2015-11-19 09:25:53-0500Hey +T-Mobile – I have a quick question. Does the old (Pre November 2015)$80.00 unlimited Simple Choice qualify for the 14 GB of Tethering upgrade or do we need to upgrade to the $95 Amped Plan. Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, T-Mobile, NATF XDA, Sprint+1’d by: Jonathan Daniel, Joseph Cappellino, Terry Hutchinson, Chris VukinChris Vukin – 2015-11-19 09:32:28-0500I just checked mine last night because I thought the report was we would but I dont 🙁 grr.. Plus their new coverage map in Michigan is horribly wrong and deceptive. I’ve been pretty disappointed by their changes lately. Definitely has me keeping my eye open for other alternatives.T-Mobile – 2015-11-19 09:51:42-0500Hey +Keith I Myers! Terrific question! You would need to move to one of our new Simple Choice plans to get the unlimited data and 14GB mobile hotspot. 🙂 -CassyNATF XDA – 2015-11-19 10:08:23-0500That’s some Grade A BS. Volunteer to pay an extra $15/mo on top of our unlimited plan in order to get more hotspot? Pass, +T-Mobile​.Chris Vukin – 2015-11-19 10:22:49-0500You said it +NATF XDAVito Vizziato – 2015-11-19 11:33:34-0500+Sprint​ has some awesome plans and deals starting tomorrow you guys should check out. Now I know Sprint in the past may have not been the best but they are definitely improving their network a lot and have been very aggressive with their plans and prices beating out competition. Worth checking out. I feel like T Mobile is becoming too cocky lately

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