20151117 The New Google Play Store Looks Sweet

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-11-17 12:53:32-0500 – Updated: 2015-11-17 12:53:32-0500The New Google Play Store looks sweetImageImageImageShared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Philip Sieder+1’d by: Dominico Hodnett, Kimberly Ann Graham, the derek Fawcett, Johnathan Chung, Taher Assaid, Joseph Hindy, Glen Foster, Killa Gaming, Derek Ross, Rob M., Michael MoyerPhilip Sieder – 2015-11-17 13:41:09-0500Nice, I am still waiting…
What I don’t get: how are games NO Entertainment… 
A better distinction between productivitiy apps and games and alike would be niceKeith I Myers – 2015-11-17 13:44:44-0500+Philip Sieder while I would personally count games as entertainment, it appears that Google’s plan is to use it as a hub for TV Shows, Movies and MusicPhilip Sieder – 2015-11-17 13:50:33-0500+Keith I Myers I get that, I just believe a categorization Apps vs Entertainment and in Entertainment Content vs Games would be more logical.
But I guess Google has the numbers 😀Hugh McVea – 2015-11-17 14:37:19-0500+Keith I Myers I have it on one Phone , my other Phones and Tablets are all on the old UI. Definitely switched on the Server side as all the devices are using the same Play Store version.

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