20151107 This Is The Only Downside Of The Shield

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-11-07 13:45:57-0500 – Updated: 2015-11-07 13:46:29-0500This is the only downside of the ShieldThis is the only downside of the While

This is the only downside of the While

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Adam Outler+1’d by: Joseph Cappellino, Killa Gaming, Jaromir Sir, Philip SiederJulian S. – 2015-11-07 13:49:31-0500You mean the Nvidia Shield?Jaromir Sir – 2015-11-07 16:05:42-0500Charging and yet discharging with screen off. Creepy. I had the same when my charging cable was failing and only charged few hundred mAh.Adam Outler – 2015-11-07 21:49:43-0500Wow.  charging while losing battery with the screen off?  Dude, either you have a bad charging cable, or someone’s farming some bitcoins on your shield. Keith I Myers – 2015-11-08 02:56:02-0500+Adam Outler – No issues with the cable or power brick (I have multiples of each). No mining is happening as well.Adam Outler – 2015-11-08 09:02:35-0500+Keith I Myers​ there’s flash light apps which will exploit/root a phone, hide itself in system apps, then mine away. The only sign is you see “Android is upgrading” on the screen.Keith I Myers – 2015-11-08 12:53:02-0500+Adam Outler – No untrusted apps have been installed on this

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