20151026 Arg… I Have A Small Problem That I Ju

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-10-26 12:58:42-0400 – Updated: 2015-10-26 12:58:42-0400Arg… I have a small problem that I just need to rant about for a moment. I financed my Nexus 6 on +T-Mobile​ earlier this year and currently owe ~$500.00 for it. I can buy the phone new for $400.00. I love the phone and have no immediate plans of switching but this will make me question the value of financing a phone in the futureShared with: Public, T-Mobile, NATF XDA, Adam Outler, Roberto Mezquia Jr+1’d by: Aaron Huffman, Roberto Mezquia Jr, Adam Outler, Melina MMelina M – 2015-10-26 13:02:07-0400Just think of it as the premium for having the phone early. Yeah, you could have waited a while for the price to drop, but then you wouldn’t have had your N6 for that whole time!Michael Moyer – 2015-10-26 13:19:18-0400For when you wanted it, you would have paid the same either way Joseph Hindy – 2015-10-26 13:25:00-0400 #earlyadopterproblems  lol, sorry i’m being flippant, but Melina had it right on the money. you paid more to have it sooner 🙂Laurie DesAutels – 2015-10-26 13:25:34-0400Switch to Project FI and pay monthly… That is what I’m doing 😉Joe Avery – 2015-10-26 14:08:17-0400Sucks, but yeah. Same is true with cars, or virtually anything else.
Apple artificially props up their price. Could you imagine waiting till the week before the new one is announced.pay full price and then boom, the new version is out and you lost 40% of the value of your phone in a day?.
In your case the value of the phone dropped with demand. Doesn’t mean it’s any less of a phone.

Truth of the whole mess is with the mid range phones greeting so good at the ~$300 price point it’s killing the value of the high end ones. When I think about getting a $800 Sony z5 or a $400 moto X or even a $225 moto G. It makes the little things that the Sony has hard to consider for the extra cost. Roberto Mezquia Jr – 2015-10-26 14:44:16-0400This was part of the reason why I used my “jump” to get a Nexus 5 for $200… I’ve had my N6 since last November though so I was already halfway and was able to jump…

My advice, pay down to halfway and “jump” to their cheapest phone available… It’s the only way out of paying the full amount that I’ve figured out… NATF XDA – 2015-10-26 17:54:11-0400My Nexus 6 was bought outright last year, but I decided to switch to Jump On Demand for my Note 5.

After realizing that I’ve been paying full price for my last 4 phones (Unlimited VZW and then N6 after going to T-Mobile) it just didn’t make sense to keep doing that when I change devices at least twice per year and would hope to break even or minimize my losses incurred because of the ~$700 investment.

Now I pay $27 on top of my bill, but am no longer locked into a single phone or forced to drain a chunk of my bank account.Roberto Mezquia Jr – 2015-10-26 17:57:53-0400+NATF XDA this was the draw for me too… And with it, you typically don’t have to put anything down for the new phone except taxes… NATF XDA – 2015-10-26 18:05:34-0400+Roberto Mezquia Jr Jump On Demand doesn’t even require taxes. They’re added to the bill each month. I did have a $100 down payment because I wanted the 64GB model.Adam Outler – 2015-10-26 18:18:37-0400I’m pretty sure that’s what they want at this point… Rather than the pressure of the market and the blame on the carrier for dumbasses dropping phones, if you are responsible for your own phone, you take the blame.

You need a cheap phone. You need a TracFone. 😀Joe Avery – 2015-10-26 19:40:52-0400+Adam Outler sadly I know a guy that always blames the phone and manufacture. Broke the display, manufacture fault. Plug it in to a cheap charger and blows out the charge circuit, manufacture…
Sadly with that… It often works in his favor.
Drives me nuts. I point out to him how its his fault, but he keeps on. Adam Outler – 2015-10-26 21:10:26-0400I’d say if the charger blows out, I’d blame the OEM as well. They would need to test it and publish a warning that I saw, before it would be my fault. If you make an electrical device it should be fault tollerant. Joe Avery – 2015-10-26 21:12:47-0400+Adam Outler no. He was using some third party charger he got for free. It blew out my day old n6. Week later it blew out his mxpe. He is upset that Motorola isn’t next day-ing a custom phone for him. Keith I Myers – 2015-10-27 09:52:17-0400+Adam Outler – I would go broke if I moved to TracPhone with the amount of data I use per month. 

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