20150928 Arg… I Can Only Get 1 New Device This

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-09-28 13:41:49-0400 – Updated: 2015-09-28 13:41:49-0400Arg… I can only get 1 new device this year 🙁Arg... I can only get 1 new device this year :(

Arg… I can only get 1 new device this year 🙁

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Chris Pugrud, Google Play, Chris Harrington, Google Developers, Adam Outler+1’d by: Josh Jett, Killa Gaming, Jaromir SirKeith I Myers – 2015-09-28 14:24:17-0400Not sure +Alex Dennis . I am leaning towards the Blackberry Priv as both of the 2015 Nexus’s seem to be duds (No Optical Image Stabilization) Chris Pugrud – 2015-09-28 15:02:05-0400Two shields? I keep running into this but usually find a few ghost devices (phones or tablets that have been wiped and reloaded) that I can remove.Keith I Myers – 2015-09-28 15:03:07-0400+Chris Pugrud the first was recalled and replaced.Chris Pugrud – 2015-09-28 16:25:53-0400+Keith I Myers So you can revoke the replaced shield and open up a slot, or is that the only slot you have available?Keith I Myers – 2015-09-28 17:17:28-0400+Chris Pugrud I can only revoke 4 devices a year and have already hit that limitAdam Outler – 2015-09-28 17:20:48-0400That ought to teach you to go out and buy the newest gadget all the time. +Google DevelopersKeith I Myers – 2015-09-28 17:28:28-0400+Adam Outler yup, it is almost like +Google Play​ likes to punish me for being an early adopter. I don’t own 4 of those devices anymoreChris Harrington – 2015-09-28 17:46:18-0400Then deauthorize them nowShel Fulmer – 2015-09-28 19:48:46-0400You can call Google support, they will help, esp since you don’t own the devices. Shel Fulmer – 2015-09-28 19:49:22-0400+Chris Harrington read 3 comments above yours.

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