20150907 I Have A Theory That I Want To Propose

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-09-07 23:29:00-0400 – Updated: 2015-09-07 23:29:00-0400I have a Theory that I want to propose to the Tech Community.

I have had my suspicions for a while since meeting +Adam Outler in person a few times and am ready to come clean about it. I have reason to believe that Adam stole the technology behind Apple’s “Force Touch” technology and went 5 years back in time to ensure that it was added to Android in API 5 (That would be Android 2.0 Eclair). 

This is the only way to explain how Android managed to get a feature Apple “Invented” 4 years before Apple Invented it

#LogicShared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Adam Outler, Siva G+1’d by: Nick Okita, Andrea Pergola, Joseph Cappellino, Sivan Rehan, Andrew Dodd, Lee Seng, Omar Bizreh, Phillip Buckingham, Nikhil M, Siddhesh Dalvi, Kent Sampson, Robert Hamilton, Roberto Mezquia Jr, Shel Fulmer, Justin Duino, Master Decker, Adam OutlerReshared by: Michael J, Andrew Dodd, Melvin Jefferson, Adam OutlerRoberto Mezquia Jr – 2015-09-07 23:43:52-0400Lmao… Siva G – 2015-09-08 06:17:51-0400You mean long press? Roberto Mezquia Jr – 2015-09-08 12:02:33-0400+Siva G no… Force touch measures how hard you press the display… Siva G – 2015-09-08 12:28:02-0400I know, that is why not clear on what Keith says.Keith I Myers – 2015-09-08 12:41:28-0400Sorry +Siva G – I should have added a bit of context as I assumed everyone who saw this thread likely follows +Adam Outler and saw this post – https://plus.google.com/+AdamOutler/posts/2QtAYjvSGBvSiva G – 2015-09-08 12:58:00-0400Ah got it +Keith I Myers . Unbelievable.

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