20150817 Ok, I Installed Marshmallow On My Nexus

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-08-17 21:28:34-0400 – Updated: 2015-08-17 21:28:34-0400Ok, I installed Marshmallow on my Nexus 9 and noticed a few new tweaks. (I did a clean install)ImageImageImageShared with: Public, Keith I Myers+1’d by: Killa Gaming, Vito Vizziato, Chris Vukin, Nikhil M, Hugh McVea, Christopher Rios, Jason LukaszewskiRoberto Mezquia Jr – 2015-08-17 22:39:26-0400What are the tweaks? Keith I Myers – 2015-08-17 23:20:28-0400The Icons with the Widgets that have not been installed looks different
The “Restoring 1 of XXX” applicationsĀ 
The Permission Prompt on Google Plus making phone calls (not sure about that one but i think it may be a rellic from Hangouts)Roberto Mezquia Jr – 2015-08-17 23:24:42-0400+Keith I Myers its been a while for me but I believe all of that was there since Android L Preview last year… The icons just show based on the app… The notification might be new, I can’t recall now lol… And I haven’t seen the G+ thing so that might be new, or really old lolPaul – 2015-08-18 01:33:43-0400So the “new” tweaks/icons/wording is either new, old or really old?
Glad that got nailed down. šŸ˜‰

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