20150807 I Know There Are A Lot Of People Lookin

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-08-07 16:29:55-0400 – Updated: 2015-08-07 16:29:55-0400I know there are a lot of people looking for a more holistic way of computer repair rather then resorting to harsh and dangerous anti-virus applications or taking your computer to a repair person for invasive work. 

How to fix your PC using a pendulum, channeling the mystical energy field around all electronic things to solve computer problems.

Shared with: Public, Doug Truex+1’d by: Alex Minnucci, Philip Wingfield, Killa Gaming, Bryan Foster, Shel Fulmer, Doug TruexDoug Truex – 2015-08-07 16:46:45-0400That was funny until he put the RAM in the water at the end. A sad waste of 1 to 2 MB of RAM.Keith I Myers – 2015-08-07 16:48:19-0400+Doug Truex – You are wrong, RAM Homeopathy increases the potency of RAM by 30c Philip Wingfield – 2015-08-07 21:10:01-0400Agreed.

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