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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-07-20 17:42:48-0400 – Updated: 2015-07-20 17:50:22-0400This is an awesome video compliments of +Kevin The Tech Ninja  that you should all watch. There are a few take-aways that Android Phone Manufacturers should pay attention to as ALL of the people came up to the same conclusion. I agree with all of these

-A move to a “stock” feeling Android is a must. 
-An IR Blaster seems to be a common trend that most want.
-We are willing to have a slightly thicker phone if we  can get a higher capacity battery in there. Companies need to stop making razor thin phones if they cannot fit a battery that will last an entire day.
-Front Facing Speakers – Need I say more
-Samsung appears to have dethroned LGs lead on the camera

If I were to add a few things in here it would be:
-USB Type C as a standard
-USB OTG Support
-Project Tango’s Camera Mapping
-MINIMUM 128 GB Storage with  an option for 256 and 512 GB. NO eMMC, it should be a real SSD
-Timely Updates for a MINIMUM of 2 years from the time the phone is discontinued in stores. 

Oh… and shame on +Kevin Nether for taking a queue from an iPhone. 

This is our perfect phone. What is yours? Let us know down below. Subscribe to the guys: http://www.youtube.com/user/wicked4u2c http://www.youtube.com/QBKING…

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Kevin Nether, Kevin The Tech Ninja+1’d by: Jaromir Sir, Barry Flash, rankeen, Chris Pugrud, rick sare almost daily vlog, Kevin NetherKevin Nether – 2015-07-20 18:02:07-0400Awesome list +Keith I Myers! I do agree with you 100%. 

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