20150707 I Have To Admit It, I Am Very Disappoin

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-07-07 14:24:36-0400 – Updated: 2015-07-07 14:24:36-0400I have to admit it, I am very disappointed with +Motorola Mobility . The staff members are very nice but the process is a nightmare. I was sent a survey a few minutes ago and I figured I would cross-publish the reason why I gave them a score of 1/10. For what it is worth, I gave the staff members I had to deal with high marks because they seemed like they wanted to help, the problem is out of their direct control. 

I was promised a replacement Motorola Hint. After going through the process (which was painless). I was told that I would get a replacement within a few days with instructions to return my old headset. I opted to have a hold placed on my credit card to have an advanced replacement. This is where the process broke down.

After 2 weeks, I contacted support again and was told that there were issues with inventory and they are working to get a replacement out. I was promised a phone-call within 24 hours but this did not happen. 

Last week (which marked the 3 week point), I was contacted via phone to follow-up. The rep (who was the original rep I worked with 3 weeks prior) asked how the replacement is working and if I returned the old one yet. I explained that I have yet to get the replacement or instructions to return. She offered to follow up with the distribution center. She emailed me back to say that they are still working on the matter.

July 2nd would mark the 1 month point and I have still yet to get my replacement. Shared with: Public, Motorola+1’d by: Pkmmte Xeleon, Chris Pugrud, Keith I Myers, rick sare almost daily vlog, Robert WarrenReshared by: Keith I MyersChris Pugrud – 2015-07-07 14:33:41-0400They have severe issues on the backend. When my new Nexus 6 arrived DOA in November, they refused to offer a replacement and wold only offer a refund.  The refund took 3 months and almost weekly contact from me to keep it in motion.

In hindisght I should have disputed the charge on my credit card and let them deal with it.

I will never buy direct from +Motorola Mobility again. They hire nice customer service people, but the service hey are capable of actually delivering is the absolute worst in the industry.

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