20150628 Well Played…

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-06-28 19:26:45-0400 – Updated: 2015-06-28 19:26:45-0400Well played….Well played....

Well played….

Shared with: Public+1’d by: Jay Whitsitt, HP-45 Emulator, Chris Pugrud, William Ribkee, Jen Vargas, Arthur Marquez, Daniel Mery, Pkmmte Xeleon, Nick Schiwy, Vilmar Simson, Nikhil M, Clint Cochrane, Joseph Cappellino, Shane Fogleman, Siva G, David Wille, Eddie Daniels, Aaron HoneycuttEddie Daniels – 2015-06-28 19:57:23-0400That’s awesome. It wasn’t until this week that I realized how much of our society is close minded and sad. David Wille – 2015-06-28 20:23:06-0400That’s amazing & I love how clever Brentwood is 🙂

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