20150505 Shots Fired! #NeverSettle For Data That

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-05-05 00:12:44-0400 – Updated: 2015-05-05 00:12:44-0400Shots fired! #NeverSettle for Data That Isn’t Global: http://youtu.be/H-RjSpaYnHM

T-Mobile gives you unlimited international data and text in over 120 countries. Verizon? Nada. Zip. Zilch. Sounds like you should #NeverSettleforVerizon. Sub…

Shared with: Public+1’d by: Albert Arias, Joseph Cappellino, Frank DeMarco, Brian Calderon, Dịch Vụ Văn Phòng Mai Đến, rick sare almost daily vlog, Derek RossJason Adams – 2015-05-05 00:51:31-0400I have unlimited data when I travel outside of Singapore. I just have to pay 15.00 a day extra

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