20150417 Sounds Like A Fair Upgrade If You Ask M

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-04-17 11:53:34-0400 – Updated: 2015-04-17 11:53:34-0400Sounds like a fair upgrade if you ask me

Watch: Principal refuses to give student’s iPhone 6 back to her parent, offers a flip phone as compensation

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Chris Vukin, Julian S.+1’d by: Pooka Mustard, Daniel Mery, Joseph CappellinoChris Vukin – 2015-04-17 12:08:08-0400Saw this last night, what a crock, who does this principle think she is???Keith I Myers – 2015-04-17 12:09:51-0400+Chris Vukin – Obviously a person living in the past. Schools need to embrace technology like mobile phones and tablets as they can be a very powerful education tool of used properly. Chris Vukin – 2015-04-17 12:12:40-0400So true +Keith I Myers, our little one has been using educational apps since he was 1.5yr, it’s awesome, everyone comments on how smart and articulate he is. Technology #FTWJulian S. – 2015-04-17 12:13:35-0400That’s insane, and completely illegal.Chris Vukin – 2015-04-17 12:15:28-0400Right +Julian S.?!! The real kicker is the school saying they filed a police report, hahaKeith I Myers – 2015-04-17 12:16:34-0400+Chris Vukin – Perfect, “self incrimination” makes it much easier to win that case. 

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