20150413 Dear People Of Google Plus, I Am Writi

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-04-13 22:30:13-0400 – Updated: 2015-04-13 22:30:13-0400 Dear People of Google Plus,
I am writing this to let you all know that I have finally finished watching Season 1 of Game of Thrones. I thank you all for not spoiling it over the past 3 years and can’t wait to begin season 2.

As usual, If anyone spoils season 2, I will be forced to send a group of attack puppies to attack.Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Jesus Suarez, Justin Duino, Justin Jelinek+1’d by: Joseph Cappellino, Jaromír Šír, Mac Solwin, Michael Moyer, the derek Fawcett, Brandon H., Daniel Duarte, Richard Harker, Roberto Mezquia Jr, Jesus Suarez, Melina M, Dave Finnerty, Chris Pugrud, Kent SeatonJustin Jelinek – 2015-04-13 22:32:28-0400Have you gotten to the part where you find out that Cercei is a dude yet?

(Cercei isn’t really a dude, as far as I know)Keith I Myers – 2015-04-13 22:35:13-0400Great… +Justin Jelinek​ … Now I am going to watch the next few episodes wondering. Consider the puppies deployed, they should arrive in 1-4 weeks via UPS. Justin Jelinek – 2015-04-13 22:42:48-0400Don’t worry  +Keith I Myers, she really and truly is not a dude. The group of friends that I watch GoT with will often throw out non-spoiler spoilers if someone doesn’t get to watch the current episode with the rest of us, one of which was that Cercei is actually a dude (which she isn’t)Jesus Suarez – 2015-04-13 23:48:39-0400Two days ago just watched 4 episodes of season 5 !!!

Just kidding … I wish !!! 😉Roberto Mezquia Jr – 2015-04-14 00:23:53-0400+Jesus Suarez not kidding, I have them on my Plex and I just finished episode 2 of season 5… I will still buy them when they’re out but I couldn’t resist the urge to binge some more lolJesus Suarez – 2015-04-14 00:58:58-0400 – Updated: 2015-04-14 00:59:54-0400I know is true Saturday I just watched episode 1 season 5 ! 😉Justin Duino – 2015-04-14 02:47:25-0400Why would you threaten with a hoard of puppies?? I would give you spoilers to get “attacked” but a bunch of puppies!Eli Gukovsky – 2015-04-14 07:25:25-0400Have you gotten to the parts where all your favorite characters die?Keith I Myers – 2015-04-14 08:38:37-0400+Justin Duino what choice do I have??? Have you seen the prices on “Attack Kittens” lately? I am not made out of money

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