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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-03-16 10:24:32-0400 – Updated: 2015-03-16 10:24:32-0400This is a shout out to all iOS users, please let me know what killer feature the iPad has that sets it apart from other products


Need Some iPad Advice | Keith I Myers

Shared with: Public, David Wille, Siva G+1’d by: Joseph CappellinoDavid Wille – 2015-03-16 12:48:36-0400I own an Ipad. The 4th gen or “Retina” model. I originally bought it before I discovered the light. The ultimate reason I still hold onto it now? More 123D apps then android tablets, and the full page view screen-size of the device for web browsing. These are literally the 2 reasons I still own it. I can accomplish screen size elsewhere for sure, but until 123D apps ALL get android apks I will be holding onto the Ipad. Really enjoy using their applications/software for 3D modeling / printing ! There are a few other IOS exclusives I enjoy as well on the device, though not a nessessity.Siva G – 2015-03-16 15:46:18-0400The logo at the back? Kidding…

1. Battery Life. You found it yourself.
2. Kids educational apps. They are expensive, but they are there. Android can’t stand a chance in this category. E.g. ToDo Math, Grade {x} Math etc.
3. On-time updates (for what it is worth) even for LTE models.
4. Touch Id (if your model has). It works. Period.Keith I Myers – 2015-03-16 15:59:37-0400+David Wille – Never done anything where the 123D apps would apply personally.

+Siva G – No Kids and it does not have the TouchID. I would however think that Android would be better for kids as you can create restricted profiles. 

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