20150315 OMG This Story Seems To Be A Cover Up

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-03-15 19:50:33-0400 – Updated: 2015-03-15 19:50:33-0400OMG – This story seems to be a cover-up. Clearly +The Verge ‘s Podcast Staff has been taken hostage and they are demanding a large sum for their safe return. Originally shared by Mark StrongeWhat the Verge really thinks about the Apple Watch. This will shock you!


Too expensive for watch straps that you can, of course, only buy from Apple.

Even the expensive watch does the same as the cheap one.

The Moto 360 is far more attractive at $299 for the stainless steel band compared to $1,099 for the comparable band for the Apple Watch.

It’s too complicated and the interface is a mess.

Too many stupid buzz words like digital crown, force touch, digital touch.

Notification overload and the notifications on iOS are already far worse than Android.

The Apple event was as much of a mess as the Watch interface and Apple’s message about the watch was unclear.

Having the supermodel long distance runner come on stage, say she needed the watch to run and then show a video of her running with the watch while hundreds of others in the clip didn’t need the watch, was just laughable.

Android Wear has a clear advantage over Apple that Apple can never hope to surpass. Google Now cards and this week only get better with the third party integration.

The worst thing is the battery and having to rely on the watch to have hotel door key access.

Apple’s event was a rehash of the event they had previously, they are desperate for attention.

The Apple Watch is just another smart watch, no killer features.

Apple have lost their way.

See I told you it would shock you. They still talked about the Nexus 6 in a derisory way, re the camera and size, even though it takes higher quality images than their IPhones. Speed is the main issue with the Nexus camera.

Final thought: Are any of these criticisms on their website? (I don’t go there anymore).

The Vergecast 144: Sam from the Future by The Vergecast

The Vergecast 144: Sam from the Future

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