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Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-02-16 10:29:03-0500 – Updated: 2015-02-16 10:29:03-0500Dont forget to add “Magic Rings” to this listOriginally shared by Chris SewellImageShared with: Public, Mandi Hobbs+1’d by: Philip Wingfield, Phillip Buckingham, hari jayaram, Mandi Hobbs, Zachary Hardy, Jeremy Baugh, Chris Vukin, Bodolay Botond, José GasteazoroReshared by: hari jayaram, Jeremy BaughJulian S. – 2015-02-16 10:30:37-0500Gawd, it’s absurd that parents wouldn’t vaccinate their children over an urban myth.Mandi Hobbs – 2015-02-16 13:34:36-0500I had a big argument about this with a mother who is pregnant with her 2nd child. You mean to tell me if a preventative vaccine came out that would prevent your child from having cancer ever or would cure cancer , you wouldn’t get it for them? SmhKeith I Myers – 2015-02-16 13:38:30-0500+Mandi Hobbs – The big problem I have with this dangerous thoughts is that other diseases could be making a comeback in the near future such as Polio. Mandi Hobbs – 2015-02-16 13:41:51-0500Agreed and they are like oh there hasn’t been a case of this for 10 yrs so why would I vaccinate my child. Because a vaccination is exactly that preventative care. If I have a child and my child goes into kindergarten and 15 of the other children in a class of 20 are not vaccinated it increases the risk of my child getting the very thing that the vaccine was meant for in the first place because the strand has now become stronger BC you are giving it a breeding ground to live in. Mandi Hobbs – 2015-02-16 13:44:36-0500And it causes autism… I am pretty sure there are several generations who got these same shots and do not have autism. If my child developed autism due to a vaccine, so what. The point of being a parent and loving your child is to do exactly that love your child no matter what not to notice it as a problem. People like that should not have children in the first place Keith I Myers – 2015-02-16 13:48:17-0500+Mandi Hobbs – And when you point out that the “study” on Autism was flawed from the start, you get called a close minded idiot. 

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