20150105 I Have To Admit That +DISH​ Network S S

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2015-01-05 17:28:15-0500 – Updated: 2015-01-05 17:28:15-0500I have to admit that +DISH​ Network’s SlingTV has me intrigued. I may need to take it for a spin when it launches. It may give me an excuse to purchase the Nexus Player if it is as good as I am hoping. I know asking for
Chromecast Support on the Android App is asking a bit much but it would be nice. Shared with: Public, DISH, Steven GrovesSteven Groves – 2015-01-05 19:21:32-0500I chatted today – the product is not yet available for sale, but whoa-boy did the guy want me to signup for a 245 month contract right now! Keith I Myers – 2015-01-05 19:25:20-0500+Steven Groves it is supposed to launch later this month according to a few sitesJoseph Cappellino – 2015-01-05 21:03:21-0500I have a SlingPlayer, and it works decent.  There’s a lot of lag between button press, activation, and response.  But for what it is, it works decent enough.

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