20141231 Yay! I Can Finally Be Productive Again

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-12-31 17:04:04-0500 – Updated: 2014-12-31 17:04:04-0500 Yay! I can finally be productive again!Yay! I can finally be productive again!

Yay! I can finally be productive again!

Shared with: Public, Keith I Myers, Alfredo Hernández, Jesus Suarez, Daniel Mery+1’d by: Timothy Welles, Charles G, Daniel Mery, Satyajit Sahoo, Alfredo Hernández, Patrick Campanale, Truong Son, Bee Madru, Bino Rush, Stormy Beach, Robert Warren, Jesus Suarez, Derek RossJesus Suarez – 2014-12-31 17:10:24-0500Sweet, those displays are so clean that shines everywhere  😉
Happy New Year +Keith I Myers  ;DKeith I Myers – 2014-12-31 17:11:52-0500+Jesus Suarez – Yup. shocked its still so clean, I have had everything there for at least 18 months. I need to do some wire management over the weekend. Happy New Years to you as well. Alfredo Hernández – 2014-12-31 20:14:13-0500Beautiful setup, Keith. Keith I Myers – 2014-12-31 20:21:28-0500+Alfredo Hernández thanksDaniel Mery – 2015-01-01 07:51:29-0500WoW… impressive, congratsKeith I Myers – 2015-01-01 15:42:50-0500Thanks +Daniel Mery 

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