20141201 Woah… For Those Of You Who Were Upset

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-12-01 08:42:32-0500 – Updated: 2014-12-01 08:42:32-0500Woah… for those of you who were upset about #CarrierIQ, this should piss you off on several new levels.

Services like these are not necessarily bad however should be “opt-in” only. I am also wondering who exactly foots the bill for the application’s data use for users on a metered connection?

This is yet another reason to buy an unlocked phone from the Google Play Store rather then carriers. Originally shared by Android PoliceExtra! Extra! American carriers don’t give a #$%^ about their customers! Read all about it! 

T-Mobile And Verizon (And Possibly Other Carriers) Are Using A New System App To Silently Install Bloatware Onto Phones

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