20141128 So… I Got The Official Nexus 9 Keyboa

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-11-28 21:22:12-0500 – Updated: 2014-11-28 21:22:12-0500So… I got the Official Nexus 9 Keyboard Case this morning and after spending a few hours with the $130.00 purchase, I have to say that I am a bit underwhelmed. I honestly expected better from what should have been a premium product.

First, the case does indeed offer an decent amount protection for the Nexus 9 although I am not completely convinced that the magnate used to hold the tablet to the case is the best solution. I am afraid of the tablet falling out of the case when being tossed into a backpack. I will need a few days to see if this is true or if I am just being paranoid.

The process of pairing the keyboard is very painless. Just make sure that NFC and Bluetooth is active and tap away on the keyboard to perform the pairing. There is a manual method of pairing the keyboard but this is not really needed as the NFC method works great.

Now… for the bad things.

1) The Keyboard is CRAMPED. I have had to hit the backspace to correct misplaced keystrokes almost as many times as I have hit the real keys.

2) There is almost no space between the number row and the top of the tablet. I have hit the on-screen home button/multitasking several times while typing this.

3) A power button would be welcomed. There are times that I wish to use the tablet without the keyboard however the on-screen keyboard will not come up while the hardware keyboard is in range. This is pretty bad as this specific keyboard is also a case. This would also allow me to hold the tablet while in the case without accidentally clicking any keys on the keyboard

4) The Keyboard does add a lot of bulk to the tablet. This is not a deal breaker

5) I am not sure why HTC Felt the need to include not one, but two Emoji Keys. I would rather have had a dedicated home button and multitasking button. There are ways to activate this by using key combos.

I wrote this quick review on the Tablet with the Keyboard and it was not the most pleasant experience I have had, in fact at times it was frustrating. I really wished HTC would have done better.Shared with: Public, Det Ansinn+1’d by: Wojciech Wiertarka, Chris Pugrud, Jaromír Šír, Ahmed Abulatta, rick sare almost daily vlogDet Ansinn – 2014-11-28 21:26:06-0500Tablet keyboards are hard. Only Logitech and Microsoft have truly figured it out. Majority of them are garbage.Keith I Myers – 2014-11-28 21:28:00-0500+Det Ansinn – I actually have a cheap one I purchased from Walgreens that works very well. I did expect this one to be cramped.Daniel Goller – 2014-11-28 22:25:46-0500$130 would be overpriced even if your experience wasn’t laced with frustration and the hardware wasn’t littered with short comings.
If this was about an apple device and accessory, what would your conclusion be about the person paying a steep price and then not even being happy with it?

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