20141116 With The Exception Of Carrier Locked Ph

Keith I MyersKeith I Myers2014-11-16 17:12:30-0500 – Updated: 2014-11-16 17:12:30-0500With the exception of Carrier Locked Phones or phones otherwise locked to a network (Sprint’s CDMA/Verizons LTE), I do not wish to have ANY carrier logos on my phone. This is why I buy unlocked phones as it gives me the freedom to bounce between networks. 

Although it could still be unlocked, I would just feel wrong walking into a +T-Mobile store to get a SIM card for a AT&T Branded Phone. 

[Weekend Poll] Do Carrier Logos On Your Phone Actually Bother You?

Shared with: Public, T-Mobile+1’d by: Chris Pugrud, Ana MedinaJason Newman – 2014-11-16 17:13:58-0500I guess I don’t care too much. My current Nexus 5 was from Sprint, but is now on T-Mobile. No branding anywhere on the device.

I guess a good amount of people use cases, so anything on the back of the device may or may not be hidden, depending on the case.Shane Fogleman – 2014-11-16 17:50:43-0500Thw only time it really bothered me was with my note 2. Verizon put a logo right on the home button….Corey Miecielica – 2014-11-16 21:35:58-0500I like not being on a contract… But the truth is I’ve been on AT&T for like 8 years… No plans on leaving anytime soon either. LTE service is good, better than the competition around here.

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